Hogan Business Solutions provides professional, reliable, and affordable bookkeeping and daily money management services to individuals, small and large businesses, and nonprofit organizations throughout Rhode Island.



Rose Hogan is the founder and owner of Hogan Business Solutions. Her professional experience includes more than 30 years in bookkeeping, financial consulting, and office administration for a variety of businesses and industries including manufacturing, retail, consulting, and nonprofits. 

Rose founded Hogan Business Solutions in 2014 with a vision to continue partnering with new clients and serving the community. She is a graduate of Northeastern University with a B.S. degree in business management.

“Every company needs to know what they’re bringing in, what they’re sending out, and what their bottom line is. What really fascinates me in my work is finding new ways to help my clients do what they love most.”
— Rose Hogan


We believe in providing each client with the close, individualized, and professional attention they deserve. Our high standards for top-notch service, skilled expertise, and trustworthiness set us apart.


Clients choose to work with us because we provide competent advice, fast and accurate service, and affordable rates. Feel free to contact us any time with any questions or concerns and we will promptly respond, typically within one business day.


As a trusted business partner, our primary goal is to provide quality and value to our clients. By sharing our bookkeeping knowledge and expertise, we aim to help you reach your business goals. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


We are passionate about being engaged and generous partners in our community. This commitment is demonstrated through our active volunteerism and partnerships with local nonprofits.

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